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Blueshape Batteries – Power And Performance

  • August 1, 2019
  • Shane Hurlbut, ASC
Blueshape Batteries – Power And Performance

DISCLAIMER: This is an article about Batteries – a topic that many avoid as it’s not necessarily the hi-octane world of car chases, shooting oners or the mind-blowing moment when you dial in the perfect dusk. BUT, none of those things could be done without your power source and for that reason, this article is key. Stay focused too because at the bottom of this article is a HUGE GIVEAWAY.

Blueshape Battery Granite Two Mini 140Wh

Batteries – what do we want?

Diving into that subject matter deeper, we all know what we want from batteries. It’s not a subject that is really debated like with lenses, filters or cameras as those are subjective, open to DP and Directorial choice and opinion and operate as the beautiful variables of our filmmaking world. However, we all want the same thing with our batteries; compact, not too heavy, with a capacity of about 150Wh with high drain capability of 12A of continuous discharge. We want batteries that will not let us down when we are three quarters of the way up a mountain in Mammoth National Park, it’s cold, it’s been a hike from the camera truck and I just want to get the cameras on and ready. We want batteries that aren’t going to capitulate when they gets dropped from 3 feet. We want batteries that aren’t going to lose charge and hit the self-destruct button, die a death as we’re half-way through a oner that we have choreographed for weeks.

Dead Battery symbol
The sign we all do not want to see!


This is the point – we wax lyrical about the ISO of the RED Gemini, get all weak at the knees for 18Ks, but we should hold aloft a battery that is compact yet delivers consistent power, lightweight yet can take a hit! With Blueshape batteries, both the interior and exterior have been tested to survive multiple vertical drops from up to 6′ onto hard surfaces. Take a look at this cool video (with a soundtrack and acting that I’d be amazed if you told me wasn’t taken straight out of Dallas or Baywatch – whoever the cameraman is, he steals the show!) showing you just what a beating Blueshape batteries can take!

Smaller Batteries

Our cameras are getting smaller and smaller, and our batteries have to follow suit! How many times in the past would you look at the REDs and have a battery that was taller than the whole camera body or offset the weight all over the place? Blueshape have firmly established themselves as a worthy competitor for the likes of Anton Bauer having announced the Granite Two and Granite Mini about 3 years ago in 2016. Granite Minis are so compact that a few members of Hurlbut Visuals team took them when filming a documentary all across the US. For a run and gun shoot where you are constantly handheld and at times having to grab-and-go, the minis are ideal and, what’s more, they are available in V-mount and 3 pin – (I would write gold mount™  here, but gold mount™ is trademarked (hence the ™) to Anton Bauer™, but the 3 pin batteries from Blueshape are the same – I mean, they aren’t gold and they aren’t official gold mount™ batteries, but they are the same in terms of if you need the gold mount™ then you can use the 3 pin (untrademarked) and it’ll serve the same purpose). We tested the blueshape Blueshape Lithium-ion 140Wh Granite Mini against the Anton Bauer Lithium Ion Digital 150.

Battery_Blueshape_Anton Bauer

If you’re a rental house then another great development from Blueshape comes in the form of the new Granite Two and Granite Mini batteries is that they have WiFi embedded into them. 

Blueshape Batteries WiFi

That doesn’t mean that the whole crew can login to your batteries and update their Instagram and Snapchats, but rather, the user can now check and control these batteries via an App on their phone or tablet. “What’s the point in that?” I hear you calling. Well, for starters, the Blueshape Granite Two and Granite Mini models allow rental houses to set a rental period on their battery so the batteries lock themselves once the rental period has expired! No more accidental losses or overdue returns. Plus, as a 2nd AC, you don’t need to be going over and checking the button on the side between takes or setups, you can be at the camera cart retrieving a new lens and while you’re there, check all of the batteries on the app for State of Charge, Expected Time to Empty, Cell Temperature, Remaining Capacity, Full Charge Capacity, and Cycle Count. The state of charge and remaining runtime are updated in real time based on the actual load conditions. You can assess multiple batteries at once and even name them to help to easily identify them (although I wouldn’t recommend naming them after the Spice Girls or something).

Here’s some other opinions on Blueshape Batteries:

Battery Specifications

Blueshape Granite Mini – Specs

  • Mount: Gold/ V Lock
  • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
  • Capacity: 95Wh and 140Wh
  • Amp-Hours: 6.3 Ah and 9.9 Ah
  • Output Voltage: 14.4 VDC
  • Maximum Load: 12 A
  • Accessory Port: 2 x D-Tap
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)3.7 x 4.6 x 2.3″ / 9.5 x 11.6 x 5.8 cm
  • Weight: 1.92 lb / 0.87 kg and 1.96lb / 0.89kg

Blueshape BV270HD Granite Two – Specs

  • GRANITE LINK, Wi-Fi enabled remote control
  • 2 Auxiliary D-Taps (nominal 14.8V) provide max 5A with independent overload protection. Left hand side D-Tap with independent overload protection. Right hand side D-Tap is direct and can be used as a charging inlet
  • GRANITE construction, robust, shockproof and IP54 certified
  • Enhanced contact protection for safer air transport
  • Nominal Voltage: 14.8V
  • Voltage range: 10.8V ~ 16.8V
  • Nominal Capacity: 18.0Ah, 266Wh
  • Max. discharge current: 12A
  • Size: 171 x 95 x 69mm (6.73″ x 3.74″ x 2.71″)
  • Weight: 1.62Kg (3.57lbs)


From today until the 11th August, Blueshape have partnered with my team and I to bring you a great giveaway competition worth $500 and entering it is free and couldn’t be simpler. Just follow the instructions below for your chance to win a BLUESHAPE (V-Mount OR 3-stud) 95Wh GRANITE MINI two – complete with WiFi Connectivity and full warranty, as well as a travel charger.



The contest STARTS RIGHT NOW and ends at midnight on August 11th.  We will announce the winner on August 12th and will message you if you win!


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