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The Making of The Janitor Sequence From “The Last 3 Minutes”

  • May 4, 2010
  • Shane Hurlbut, ASC
The Making of The Janitor Sequence From “The Last 3 Minutes”

When Canon and Hurlbut Visuals teamed up on this joint venture, we wanted to put together a trilogy of Behind the Scenes videos where I narrated about what goes on inside my head as a cinematographer. We also wanted to show that even though there is a planning process before the shooting begins, there is a certain spontaneity that just happens in the moment. We hope you find this Janitor Sequence to be both informative and inspiring.

“The Janitor” episode ONE is the first of three which takes you on a journey of  how we captured, lit and shot William’s custodial duties leading up to his heart attack. Then, you are thrown on his emotional roller coaster ride of memories from his young wife leaving him backward in time until his birth.

You see problem solving, thinking on your feet, and lighting with instruments that you can build or things that you can buy at Home Depot.  This was lit very simply.  I wanted to inspire you with tools that anyone would have access to and not big Hollywood lights and generators.  I was using lots of practical lights to my advantage in the office space and there were some that I could not turn off that I had to deal with and you see that thought process.  I  break down the whole scene as it played in the short film, by labeling each shot with a lens and an f-stop so that you can see the depth of field. The fact is that I light most of my films from purchases at Home Depot and Grainger.  So, using a good amount of practical light and shaping it so that it has mood and can assist in telling the story is paramount.

I want to thank you all for your amazing comments and support on this little short film.  We are sending it to all the film festivals and will be giving you details on where it will be shown so that you can see this baby on a big screen. It will blow you out.  Enjoy!!

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