05- How to Shoot Car Commercials at Night – Acura

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  16:40 Minutes of Instructional Video, In-Depth Written Breakdown, Behind-the-Scene Stills, Equipment Breakdown List, Storyboards and Shot Breakdowns-SUPPLIED W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES 

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Lighting cars at night.  What is my recipe, what is my first choice in camera cars, what other motion devices will I use, how will I pull this off all in one night and how do I prep for the impossible?  These questions will all be answered along with others.  This is a MASTERCLASS in Commercial Car Prep and Execution.  Grab it!!!

  • What lenses to use when shooting cars
  • How to light at night for traveling shots
  • What motion tools are best for capturing your driving footage
  • What angles show the car off the best
  • What is a Belt Line
  • What different ways can you light a car
  • Pitfalls not to fall into when shooting cars


<<<Brent W>>> Love this Lesson! The breakdown was great and scheduling tips were invaluable. Thanks for the time put into making this. Would love to see more in this format.
<<<Joao>>> Hello Shane,  This is the kind of Lesson that make me stay in the Hurlbut Academy.  Thank you
<<<Drazen S>>> Excellent…the tips and the breakdown are on point. Looking very much forward to the next chapters…thanks Shane.
<<<Chad G>>> Incredible work yet again! Thanks so much for sharing. Perfect breakdown.
<<<Jeremy W>>> Amazing! This is awesome to see behind the scenes and learn what the challenges were and how you overcame them.
<<<Dahlia>>> Fantastic breakdown Shane!
<<<Bevan C>>> This is really great! Thanks for this breakdown.
<<<William C>>> Hi Shane, thank you for your wonderful insight to your work!

Diogo 7 days ago

Hey Shane, how do you setup the Kino Flo lamp cables in order to work out of the fixture?

davidsuddaby 8 days ago

Excellent. I’m looking for more techniques to light car in studio environment.