Tungsten Lights: Check In

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  20 Minutes of Instructional Video, Written Breakdown    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Tungsten Lighting has been around since the beginning of film production itself. For over 100 hundred years, these lights have served the film industry with ease and never have let us down. From their beautiful quality of light to their robust build. These lights will always been in play on film sets no matter what new technology comes out. In this lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you through various lighting fixtures that are traditionally used on film sets. These are the tips and tricks to have a firsthand experience with the equipment and what to expect when checking them in.

  • What are Tungsten lights and how do they work.
  • The proper protocol when prepping and organizing Tungsten lighting equipment.
  • What to lookout for when prepping the equipment.
  • The different in the Tungsten lights.
  • Tips and Tricks to make sure you have everything for the day.
  • Understanding the lighting control that comes in the kit.


<<<Johnathan N>>> New member here. I just wanted to say how helpful everything has been thus far. I am already starting to implement things I’ve learned from the Hurlbut Academy in projects I’m apart of.
<<<Carnell>>>This helps me out so much! It’s getting me ready for the hands on experience!
<<<James>>>I absolutely loved this lesson! The videos were so helpful and I loved that you covered tungsten lights and your opinion of why you still use them.