Bounce Light: Soft Silver

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 19 Minutes of Instructional Video, In depth Written Breakdown, Top Down Lighting Schematics and Side by Side quality comparisons    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This is Part 2 of a 6 Part Series on Bounce light, where we go into 22 different bounce materials.  We show side by sides so you can really see the color difference and the quality difference of each one.  Have you ever used Bleached Muslin or Grifflon as a bounce source?  Have you ever compared the quality of Foam core to Bead board?  Welcome to the Hurlbut Academy where we do the tests that no one ever has time for and we do it so you can perfect your craft.  Why is Silver such a hard color of light to describe or quantitate? In this lesson we show you what silver looks like and how it creates such a HYPE WHITE light mood and tone.  Many years I have used this practice where I do not use white bounce for my Book lights but Silver Cards or reflectors.  What is the quality look like, what does the color look like?  In this part of the bounce light series, I will break down all the different materials to create these colors, as well as show you their different qualities of light. Includes four videos.

• How to use Soft Silver Show Card (video)
• How to use Hard Silver Show Card (video)
• Hard Silver Show Card Ricochet demonstration (video)
• How to use Silver Reflector Boards (video)


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