Camera Motion: Dolly and MoVi Combo

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 11 Minutes of Instructional Video    -Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  What is Camera emotion?  How do you want your audience to feel?  How can you take your character’s performance higher?  In this lesson I show you how the MoVi feels combined with the Dolly, it personality and how this tool can be used to evoke a specific emotion just on how the device moves, its energy.  Many of you probably have experience using a gimbal of some sort.  This lesson is about turning into a cinematic capture device and the techniques and thought process that goes with it.


<<<Cliff E>>> Thanks again Shane for another EPIC Lesson in Camera Motion!
<<<Jeff Z>>> Thanks for another great Lesson Shane!
<<<Alex F>>> Subtle nuances can make a huge impact. Loving it!
<<<Brian H>>> Love it! These go along way for some of us.
<<<Ricardo>>>Great! Using camera movement and the bounce together to enhance emotion… That’s a new layer in my arsenal.
<<<Ahmed>>>Hey Shane, thank you for this very useful article.
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