Camera Motion: MoVi

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 11 Minutes of Instructional Video    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  What is Camera emotion?  How do you want your audience to feel?  How can you take your character’s performance higher?  In this lesson I show you how the MoVi feels, it personality and how this tool can be used to evoke a specific emotion just on how the device moves, its energy.  Many of you probably have experience using a gimbal of some sort.  This lesson is about turning into a cinematic capture device and the techniques and thought process that goes with it.


<<<Michael M>>> One of my favorite Lessons! What I really appreciated was Shane’s improvising. knowing what he wants and getting whatever is needed out of the way to get there!
<<<Brent W>>> Great Lesson! Love the low shots and the composition. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
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joeyzhao 24 days ago

the focus pull is just …. incredibly amazing ! When shane said he gonna do a technocrane with his hand and footstep, he never mentioned he will go that close to the actress, but the first just nailed it ! ! !

Jimross 8 days ago

Just a bit confused – At the end it compares three setups: [ Dolly Vs. Dolly + Movi Vs. Movi ] but isn’t that 9Antigravity Rig + Movi]? The dolly wasn’t used with the Movi. In any case I did like that this showed that sometimes less is more. Using the Movi alone was superior to using the Antigravity rig which added the bounce of footsteps. Perhaps user error (no offense meant, I’ve worn one myself and chose to let my younger crew members wear this little piece of body torture) or was it the bounce of the elastic support cables. Regardless, I am certain there are circumstances where it is better to use both. That is the challenge we face everyday on set – what will assist us and what will actually hinder us. Thanks again for a great lesson, Shane!

    • shanehurlbutasc    8 days ago

      @Jimross Hi Jimross, That was the Klassen Slingshot not the anti-gravity. The Klassen you feel your footsteps for sure, but Chris Herr was able to get them out as he is the number one MoVi Op in the world. But the Anti Gravity is the best I have ever used. Bought one immediately, because it is the future.

    • shanehurlbutasc    8 days ago

      @Jimross Hi Jim Ross, It was the MoVi on the dolly my friend, right here.

    • Jimross    5 days ago

      @Jimross Thanks for the reply Shane. Yeah just saw a picture of Chris on set of Badlands in another lesson. No offense meant, Chris! Shane, maybe do a comparison of the Slingshot and Antigravity rig. Remember, I'm rooting for you to keep the bar high with pro stuff, not DIY or knockoffs. (March Podcast) Thanks, and I'll see you in Atlanta!

    • joeyzhao    24 days ago

      @Jimross i think is the low mode and boom up makes it harder for operator. It kind of fights against the slingshot when operating from low.