How Lenses Assist Storytelling III

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  6 Minutes of Video

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  While a lot of the story is conveyed through the action and dialogue expressed through the actors. There are a lot of other filmmaking techniques that can aid or help elevate the story for the audience. One of the best tools to help guide your audience and pack a punch visually is the lens. Without the right lens, your composition can fall apart and feel underdeveloped. In this lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you through his time on Mr.3000 and the choices he made in terms of composition to help sell the story.

  • Breaking down Mr.3000 through cinematography and story.
  • Understanding how the story affected the lens choices.
  • What to consider when reading the script and conveying information visually.
  • Putting restraints on the lenses and how that will convey through the image.
  • Understanding shot-to-shot association and how to tell a story in the edit.
  • How tilt-shift lenses can shake up the audiences expectations.
  • How to build suspense in the composition.
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Jontomknuff 21 days ago

Awesome storytelling!