How To Use Glass Filtration To Assist Your Story

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  3 minutes of Filtration Tests and 2 Minutes of Movie Clips to assist the Instruction

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Have you ever wondered how you get that glow from lights, soft skin tones, blooming window light or that flare that spreads horizontally across the image?  In this lesson I break it down for you with the use of Tiffen diffusion filters in different types so you can see what works best for your story.

  • Filter strengths and the RULES that go with them for each focal length
  • Pitfalls of glass Filtration and how to combat them
  • What tools are required to deliver this look
  • What levels look best
  • What each filter could be used to assist your story
  • Side by side comparisons
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