Selecting Your Aspect Ratio

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  11 Minutes of Instructional Video, Detailed Written Breakdown and Side by side comparisons for better instruction    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Every movie, every television show, even every YouTube video you watch is displayed in a certain aspect ratio. 4:3, 16×9 (1.78), 1.85:1, 2.35:1 – Those are the ratios of the width to the height of the image, and that aspect ratio can make or break your story. Which ratio you choose should complement your story, and your characters.

Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you through his process in selecting aspect ratios for a project. Different content calls for varying aspect ratios depending on a few key factors. Learn what those factors are and how to properly select the aspect ratio that best fits your story.  What are the standard aspect ratios, how to choose the correct one, how an aspect ratio can assist in the storytelling process, how to compose and use the frame are just some of the highlights that Shane takes you through.


<<<Jacques B>>>Amazing, very informative and to the point. Thank you Shane for sharing this as I am preparing for a short film at this time, as a Dp. And let me say, this makes you think a lot about the why’s behind the how. I mean its so relevant that the director am working with said he never encountered a Dp like me before, haha! A Dp that always tries to establish meaning behind what we decide to do, composition, camera placement, camera movement, mood and color tones, etc. He likes it a lot and that comment is huge for me, but I gotta say this dedication and effort that I put into my work as a Dp is hugely inspired by you! Thank you Shane and I hope there is a lot more from where this is coming.
<<<Malcolm F>>>The Greatest Game ever played is one of my best favorite films growing up. Watching your tutorial i had to go and find the film to watch. I am Prepping as the cinematographer to shoot a short film in February and i wasn’t sure which aspect ratio i would use. This tutorial has helped me make up my mind on the aspect a ratio that would add emotion and feeling in the framing. The knowledge you and Lydia are sharing is heaven send. Thank you,
<<<Daniel L>>> Cheers for this! I’ve thought about this a lot, There’s absolutely no reason to stick to the norm and I have had that challenge of actors with a massive difference in height.
<<<Christopher K>>> Thanks Shane for another very insightful Lesson!
<<<Erik T>>> Good stuff . . . excited to be learning more and part of the community. Thank you.
<<<Pavel R>>>Very informative, Shane!


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jimruss68 20 days ago

This is THE BEST explanation of why certain aspect ratios are chosen that I have ever heard.

Usama sultan 22 days ago

Why I can’t access this lesson

    • Jontomknuff    18 days ago

      @Usama sultan easier on a laptop or computer than phone

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    18 days ago

      @Usama sultan Hi Usama, Would love to help you, do you have enough credits in your account? Did you open the access lesson button?