How To Train Your Eye

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  5 minutes of Instructional Video

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Many of you have heard me talk about how I light to eye by either looking at the back LCD screen or a lighting monitor like a Flanders Scientific  Lighting to eye is something that is based on experience and what you like esthetically. I trained my eye through the use of exposing film, not an LCD screen or a monitor, but a photo-chemical process and by the use of a light meter. Many say that the light meter is dead with digital. I disagree. It is the only tool that you have in your box that can measure what you love. It can tell you how you lit a specific scene in case you have to go back and pick something up later in your schedule. You will need that tool to measure footcandles and f-stops to guide you to make the match perfect.

In this lesson we break down the basics of lighting ratios.  Key Lights, Back Lights and Fill lights so you can look at those levels and select the right ratios for you project.  This paves the road for you to quickly understand what you LIKE.

  • How bright do you like your Key Lights
  • What back lights are preferred
  • What quality of light and what ratios are best
  • How to convert footcandles to an exposure
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