How to Light Walk and Talks

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  6 Minutes of Instructional Video

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Set yourself up for success by shooting by the plot of the sun. Pay attention to shadows from trees and other objects as the sun moves throughout the day, and if your talent needs some extra fill light, you can use a round bead board bounce to add some light into the face and eyes. This lesson and instructional video covers learning and discussing the motivation for each stroke of light that occurs in a scene.


<<<Ricardo B>>> Thanks for clarifying a lot of the stuff from previous Lesson on lighting exteriors. Simplicity & Great Results!
<<<Dirk B>>> GREAT stuff.
<<<Sonny B>>> Awesome and relevant to me. Thank you as always
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Icon Studios 15 days ago

Can you start putting your info on screen? ISO, WB, Lens?

    • Icon Studios    14 days ago

      @Icon Studios Ignore my previous impulsive comment. You clearly do that later in the vid haha

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    13 days ago

      @Icon Studios Hi Icon, HA HA, its all good. We do our best my friend. So glad you are in this course it is a very good one.