How To Light An Interview With 4 Lekolites

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  12 Minutes of Instructional Video, In-Depth Written Breakdown    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Most people wouldn’t choose Lekos as their light of choice when doing an interview set-up. I want to break those preconceptions and demonstrate how this tool is the jack of all trades.  This lesson shows the power of the Leko light.  Theatrical lights have a ton of benefits, one is their light control.  Imagine you are a one man band and you do not have the ability to bring tons of C-stands and Flags to control your light, well the Leko light does it for you.  It is like having a Grip in a Light. HA HA.  See how this lights saves time, increase your set ups and decreases your set up time.


<<<Jack W>>> Loved this. Always refreshing to learn new techniques for lighting those ‘same old’ interviews. More of these please! Thanks you
<<<Jonathan B>>> Thanks Shane! Learned a lot here, this was the first Lesson I’ve watched as a member. GREAT!
<<<Tim B>>> When you think you have learnt everything about interview lighting – there comes Shane. Feels good to be here, finally!
<<<Chris M>>> I would not have thought to go for Leko’s and love how this turned out. Great contrast, nice and creamy, looks great, as always, of course! Thanks Shane!
<<<Sonny B>>> This is just awesome in general. Not just for interviews. Thanks, my man.
<<<Myles T>>> Great Lesson. Plenty of new ideas for me. This is exactly why I joined this community.
<<< Mickey>>>I learned a lot!
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t.moore 23 days ago

Thanks Shane! I plan on implementing this strategy with my Leko lights. Quick question, do you always use 750 watt bulbs in these or do you ever dial it back to the 575 bulb?

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    20 days ago

      @t.moore Hi t. Moore, I use both. Most of the time I go for the 750 watt because you can always scrim it down or use ND gel. Better to have more than less I always say. HA HA