How to Light Day Interiors: Pt 3

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  13 Minutes of Instructional Video, Topdown Lighting Diagram, In depth written breakdown and side by side comparison to see the light differences.

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This Lesson is Part 3 of a 4 Part Series on how to light Day Interiors with DIY lights, using the power of the 1500 Watt Metal Halide Sports Fixture we will create shafts just like HMI 4K Par lights for a fraction of the cost, use them for bounce light and shape,  every decision to shape and make the image more cinematic on every stroke is shown in detail.

Before you start rolling the cameras, this is the perfect time to think everything through and making sure you’re dialed in. In this lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC discusses ratios and the final steps up to the camera rolling. This is a firsthand look into the minutia of filmmaking and how to take the proper steps to execution.  This is the finesse, going back and looking at it one last time, this is an etiquette that you can put into practice immediately.

  • How to get the right color temperature with gels for beautiful color separation
  • How to test gels to save money and time
  • How to dial in ratios and IRE values


<<<Eric J>>> I really enjoy the unique design Shane has, he has that eye, that everyone wants
<<<Dwane H>>> It’s great to see how you finesse the lighting of a scene, work with your crew and make decisions on gels. And again – the high coverage documentary style is immersive. Well done everyone again!
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