How to Location Scout Interiors

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  5 Minutes of Instructional Video    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Locations Scouting is one of the most important elements to the pre-production process.  Being able to stage blocking, discuss coverage and shots with the director, dressing, colors, mood, tone with the Production Designer and get the necessary information to educate your Grip, Electric and Camera departments so they can be as efficient as possible.  In this lesson I breakdown what I look for when scouting, what works, what doesn’t, how easy it is to move in  and what is your access to the interior?  These questions will all be answered as I take you through the SCOUTING PROCESS.


<<<Rick>>> Shane, you the man. Thanks for all your time and effort for putting this lesson together. For me (a relative newbie) this is like finding gold!
<<<Elisha>>> Thanks Shane. Love to learn the thought processes on creating a well composed professional shot.
<<<Hugh>>>Thanks, that was very informative.
<<<Khyber>>>Wow, looking forward for more sessions like this!


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