Canon C100 Mark II: Extensive Tests

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  40 Minutes of Instructional Video    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  In comparing and contrasting the latest camera tech, I have discovered the DSLR killer. The Canon C100 Mark II is that device, far cheaper than getting a comparable DSLR once you add all the bells and whistles that it already comes with. It is lighter than a DSLR and designed in a way to eliminate rolling shutter and function like a high end cinematic capture device. Rigging this baby can be done cheaply as well.

• What is required to bring its powerful sensor to life
• What can’t it do
• Night and Day ISO tests (video)
• Backlight tests (video)
• Latitude tests (video)
• Fill Ratio tests (video)


<<<Matt>>> I’m really glad this Lesson included a look at the internal recording capabilities as well as the results from uncompressed HDMI out. External recording seems like the best option, but the image coming straight from the camera still looks damn good to me. Awesome Lesson, Shane.
<<<Miguel>>> Solid Review!! Really helping me out lots here.
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