Custom Picture Profiles: Canon C100 Mark I

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  1 Minute of Instructional Video on how to Load the Custom Picture Profiles in the C-300

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN: This Lesson includes Two Picture Profiles

The CPICT401 profile is the more “baked in” looking picture profile, great skin tones, well balanced blacks and mid tones with a beautiful natural feel. The CPICT402 profile based on the Canon Log gamma without sharpening, which many filmmakers do not know that Canon bakes in sharpening, we have eliminated that so you get the best out of your C-300.  Downloadable Profiles included.

I created picture profiles for the Canon C500, which I used extensively on Need for Speed and Fathers and Daughters. Then I made versions tailored to Canon C100 MK I as well.

If you are having trouble loading the picture profiles, format the SD card in the camera first. Make a fake picture profile. Throw it in the trash. Then add these picture profiles.

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