Custom Picture Profiles: Canon C100 Mark II

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  1 Minute of Instructional Video on how to Load the Custom Picture Profiles in the C-300 and Four Downloadable Picture Profiles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN: This Lesson includes Four Picture Profiles

The new sensor technology in the Canon C100 MK II requires a whole new design. I have designed four picture styles for you to use.
SIC 1 has good color, nice contrast and the ability to not need color correction.
SIC2 is Canon Log but without the sharpness, more dynamic range for color grading.
SIC3 is a picture profile designed to use when you are trying to match your C100 with your C100 MKII or a C300. Without this they will not match at all. This gets them incredibly close.
SIC4 is Canon Log without the sharpness and set to match the Canon Log out of the C100 and C300, more dynamic range for color grading.

If you are having trouble loading the picture profiles, format the SD card in the camera first. Make a fake picture profile. Throw it in the trash. Then add these picture profiles.

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