Less Is More: Moonlight Exposure and Light Principles

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 12 minutes of instructional video from On Set with Shane Hurlbut ASC. Detailed written breakdowns, Top Down Lighting & Blocking Schematics, Lighting Lists templates, Camera Lists templates and Side by Side Comparisons.

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN: When you think about lighting a face when they are laying down, where should the light come from?  Shane Hurlbut, ASC drops a huge GOLDEN NUGGET that he has seen blow students minds when demonstrated.  These are the techniques that Shane shares that has taken him 30+ years to master, every finesse of the light on her face is detailed.  Moonlight if done correctly should be very fragile,  Shane takes you through his process of underexposing to achieve that fragility and cinematic feel.




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