Shaping Light And Shadow

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  18:18 Minutes of Instructional Video, Detailed Written Breakdown, Lighting Schematics and side by side comparisons for better instruction     –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Shaping light is everything when it comes to perfecting your lighting. That’s where the grips come in handy. Key Grip Dave Knudson takes you through how he shapes light in this series. Understand the basics of setting up a c-stand, how to properly set a floppy, and why a cinematographer must know how to shape light.

  • The basics of setting up a c-stand
  • What some of the various flags are and how you can use them
  • Why knowing how to shape light is important as a cinematographer
  • How an egg crate affects your light
  • How to properly set a floppy
  • The way Key Grip Dave Knudson teaches newcomer grips on set
  • How to shape large sources with light modifiers


<<<Todd W>>> Shane you are such an amazing teacher! Thank you so much.
<<<Jose D>>> Thanks Shane for another great lesson. I have been working with banners for 16 years, but I never knew them like today thanks to you. I know the uses that have a flag, how to use it, but thanks to those small but great details at the same time that you bring us, I can get more and better advantage of the flags and educate others to use them in the right way.  Thanks Shane !!!
<<<Gary R>>> Thank you Shane for this one. Shaping light is something I would love to learn more about. Sometimes I find it overwhelming to know where to start lighting a scene and shaping that light to achieve the look required, especially on low budget work that can’t afford higher end lighting gear.
<<<James B>>> Dude, this is great. Seeing the topper and bottomed in action on such a big source and it’s affect on you is awesome. And of course the c-stand etiquette is always good to go over more than once.
<<<Andrew T>>>I like the new editing styles you’ve been implementing in your videos! Great work as always!
<<<Rick U>>>New member here. I’ve never thought of using egg crates separate from the light source. I just got my subscription’s worth right there!
<<<Dan L>>>Love these!
<<<Allan>>>Thank you Shane for this lesson. I’ve learned a lot!
<<<Yoel A>>> Thanks a lot for the great advise. I follow this site because I think is the best university to learn!
<<<Malcom F>>>Ever since I saw your lessons on bouncing hard light from the Foam Boards – and diffusing to get that soft light, man I have been using that ever since. I recently shot a Kleenex TVC for my Uni Assessment and I used the lesson on flag or shaping light with bottomers and toppers. I love that method. I love shaping light and having the control of where you want the light to be directed to and how you want it harsh or soft depending the story. Next time when I am filming again, I am going to try your technique of when I am doing close up. I move the diffusion frame as close to the actors edge of frame, I learned that in your video about The Into the Badlands early morning lighting. I loved lighting now more than before.




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Shane Hurlbut, ASC 22 days ago

Hi casey,
That was a triple riser Jr. Combo stand with one piece of a 12x overhead frame piece then the 12x solid tied on itself to create a 6′ x 12′ long topper. The bottomer is on a Low Jr combo stand with the same pieces and parts