Advanced Color Grading: DIT Tech Series

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  33:15 Minutes of video instruction

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  On Set color grading has become common nature.   Understanding the process, short cuts to balance, enhance and understanding the terms and etiquette is PARAMOUNT to achieving a cinematic look.  This lesson is part of a 7 part series on becoming a Digital Imaging Technician or a DIT.  In this lesson you will understand how to do more advanced color grades on set. My DIT Derek Johnson will take you through his process step by step using DaVinci and Live Grade.

  • Understanding the use of power windows and how to control them
  • How to trim and pull luminance keys to control skin tones, sky, blacks, etc.
  • How to use contrast and color saturation to enhance skin tones
  • How to achieve that cinematic color grade


<<<Allen M>>> Wow, this was really well explained! Cleared up a lot a lot of things for me in a half hour. Thanks Derek!
<<<Melody T>>> A very concise overview of the basics and a bunch of great new tips. Thank you, Derek!
<<<Mackenzie F>>> Amazing. Coming from a G&E background, all of this is so new and exciting to me. Makes me want to go out and shoot something right now so I can mess around with grading!
<<<Vince T>>> Thumbs up! This was super useful.
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