2000 Watt OPEN FACE Arrilite

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  6 minutes of video instruction    –Supplied with English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This lesson is designed for the Entry Level filmmaker who is looking to get his or her feet wet in all the different types of lights used in the film industry.  You will immediately attain more confidence on set and quickly give you the short hand to communicate with crew.

  • Understanding the output and quality of the 2000 Watt Arri Open Face Light.
    • What your output is when it is used as a Hard Light source
    • What your output is when you bounce the light into a white card
    • How sharp a shadow this light can deliver on set
  • A full light study with many types of lights for you to understand each ones unique aspects


<<<Daniel: Awesome, thanks guys!>>>
<<<Austin Burke>>>This series is what is making me feel comfortable shooting outside in natural light, I’m loving it!
<<<Matthew G>>>Thanks Shane, love this exterior series!
<<<David M>>>I was commenting out loud–no one was even around–when I was seeing all of this demonstrated. I’m in awe Shane Hurlbut Asc. In awe.
<<<Mac R>>>Right David M that is how I felt too, i was like ITS BRILLIANT!
<<<David >>>I know Shane’s slammed right now working on his movie, but this is the kind of feedback everyone at HA loves seeing. You guys just plain get every ounce of what Shane is teaching and it’s awesome to see that. Really glad to be a part of this community that Shane and Lydia have been creating for the last decade, the SIC is just the extension of the Hurlblog that we’ve all been waiting for!
<<<Dwayne H>>>It’s like “click. mind blown” hahaha. As soon as that backlight was put in – it just sold it!
<<<Thomas R: I watched this video twice last night. Some really good training on this. “So simple and elegant”.>>>
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