Classic Hollywood Blocking vs Blocking for A One Shot

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 12 minutes of instructional video from On Set with Shane Hurlbut ASC. Detailed written breakdowns, Top Down Lighting & Blocking Schematics, Lighting Lists templates and Side by Side Comparisons.

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN: How to block is a talent that every cinematographer and director needs to understand and master to get the best out of the actors, best out of immersing the audience with the camera as well as the best lighting that feels absolutely seamless.  In this Lesson Shane Hurlbut, ASC pulls the curtain back on how he and director Gabriele Muccino block the effortless one shot scenes that move the camera in ways that deliver the emotional punch and enables you to make your days.  Hollywood coverage is discussed so that you can see how many set ups it would take to do this if you did not go as a oner.  When you understand the power of blocking and new techniques to add to your tool box, you will see your creations take a much more cinematic and immersive tone.

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