Blocking & Composition: Adventurers Pt 3

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 5 minutes of instructional video from On Set with Shane Hurlbut ASC. Detailed written breakdowns, Top Down Lighting & Blocking Schematics, Lighting Lists templates, Camera Lists templates and Side by Side Comparisons.

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN: How to Shot List your scene. How to tell the emotion of the scene through your shots and composition. Shane takes you through his thought process on how he prepares to shot listYou will learn how how to move the camera to enhance the actors performance.  Learn how to compose to help define a characters personality. These lessons are like a masterclass in Camera Blocking and Shot Listing.  English Subtitles Included

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mkrjf 8 days ago

I liked this series very much. It is very intelligent and respectful to see the actors natural motion first. Were the camera motions also adapted on day of shoot or did you have the switl idea before seeing the blocking?

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    14 days ago

      @mkrjf HI mkrjf, We knew the rough blocking of where they would be sitting, laying and standing but did not have this cross over the line moment, the director Stephen Fung saw the chemistry and how it was playing out and added this, which I love when these serendipity moments come together. It is the magic.

ngdodup Today

just so so, “Chinglish” I didn’t get the blocking & Composition through this course..

GregParrish 22 days ago

Very nice, I get the keyframe concept, reading the script and planning those in advance. You block on the day of the shoot? Were there any advance rehearsals or conversations with the director to give you clues?

lata 9 days ago

Hi there, i have the same issue, the lesson its been purchased yet it is asking me to use 15 credits per sub lesson. Thanks

jimnoir Today

I’m not sure why but it says I have to pay 15 credits to watch this lesson when I already have access to all lessons inside this module.

    • jimnoir    29 days ago

      @jimnoir Hi Shane, no problem @ all. Email adress (Thanks!)

    • jimnoir    28 days ago

      @jimnoir Great! Thanks! It's working now! :)