Using A Dolly To Block A Scene: Fathers and Daughters

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  5 Minutes of Movie Clips for Instruction    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Blocking has always been a mystery that seems to stay behind the closed set walls of Hollywood.  In this ON SET experience I will reveal how I block and specifically use a dolly to help take your visual language and characters emotions higher.  Specifically in this lesson I will show you how using two dolly’s saved our day and gave an very unique feel to the impromptu Birthday Party.

  • How to block with actors and the use of a moving camera
  • How to block actors to camera and working with their motivation
  • How to mix MoVi and Dolly


<<<Adam G>>> Thanks for the Lesson Shane. I like how you take the challenge of the talent being moved and turn it into a positive! So often we can get negative about last minute changes and let that get under our skin instead of rolling with it. I think that can be the difference between being good and great!
<<<John G>>> Looks like being prepared and flexible saved the day. I have been saying that I am fluid as flexible is too rigid! Shane I really love when you share these practical experiences!
<<< Peter D>>>Thanks for the valued input as always!
<<<Dan H>>>Great  Lesson!
<<<Luiz M>>>Awesome!
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