Light For Specific Camera Blocking: Master To Close Up

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  8:30 Minutes of Movie Clips for Instruction and lighting schematics

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This lesson is about what lighting techniques can assist in blocking.  Many people steer away from Hard Light, but for me I embrace it.  Learn what it takes to make hard light look good, where the light needs to be positioned, how it needs to be shaped.  Then with these techniques you can quickly move in for the close up and pick up sets up and increase your director’s time with the performance and not watching you light.

  • Why hard light and what does it do for you
  • How do you shape hard light and then diffuse it
  • What tools help you contain a soft source in wide shots
  • Matching your light direction
  • Always try to position your light on the opposite side of where the camera is.
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