Using The Rehearsal To Refine The Shot List: Semi Pro

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 16 Minutes of Instructional Video, Topdown Scene DiagramSUPPLIED W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  The understanding of shot-to-shot association is absolutely critical but can’t come to fruition properly without rehearsing a scene. Blocking Rehearsals are the critical first-step in grasping the scope of what’s happening in the subtext. Without a good understanding of subtext, your scene will feel under-developed and unmotivated as a whole.

In Part 3 of this lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you back into what he calls the refinement phase. For the director and himself, it was critical to always rehearsal before locking in preconceived ideas. Whether it’s a grandiose set piece or an intimate conversation, rehearsal unveils the core of scene and the world unfolding around the characters. This lesson will deepen your looking at the importance of not only rehearsals but strengthening your intuition as a filmmaker.

  • Understanding the importance of rehearsal.
  • How to use rehearsals to refine the shot list.
  • Using the rehearsal to breakdown coverage.
  • Understanding how to motivate your coverage.
  • Understanding the environment you’re shooting in.
  • Picking the best angles to not only express the character but the environment.
  • How composition can change the emotion of a story.
  • Letting the lens be the definitive emotion of the scene.
  • Picking the right focal length to propel the narrative forward.
  • How to assemble a seamless or jarring sequence.
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at 7:59 the 180 rule is also broken. Onscreen identifier doesn’t show it as broken.

djend 13 days ago

There’s a black video from 9:26 to 9:37.

Alex 6 days ago

Shane, how do you go about filming reaction shots? Do you shoot the whole scene with the cameras on the reacting actors?

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    4 days ago

      @Alex Hi Alex, Yes once we do the performance of the main actors and get them in the pocket, I am setting up a second camera sometimes to get those reactions, or we are just shooting them while the main actors are doing their performance.