How to Block and Light For Three Cameras: Fathers and Daughters Pt 1

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  1 Minutes of Video, In-Depth Written Breakdown, Behind-the-Scene Stills, Shot List, Topdown Blocking Diagram

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  In Part 1 of this lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC talks about the process of blocking for three cameras at once and what it takes to dial-in talent with this many moving pieces. This is a firsthand look into the evolution of filmmaking and how to orchestrate and deliver and image and lighting that looks like it was shot single camera.  This has taken me over 20 years to prefect as a Cinematographer and now I have paved the road for you.  Get in there!!

  • In-depth looking into shooting “Fathers & Daughters.”
  • How to prep and block for three cameras at once.
  • The lighting logistics that you’ll face when working in this shoot style.
  • How to communicate with your crew and to work in unison.
  • The tips and tricks to blocking and getting the most out of your talent.
  • How to keep production moving at an even pace.


<<<Freddy>>> Thank you again Shane for illuminating us. Literally! The windows again…now as back and rim light on camera using two lights and a bead board for a 3 camera take. Seriously!!! You rock man!
<<<Eric>>> Another awesome Lesson! You have already changed the way I look at a location. I swear every time I have walked into a location before a shoot, I have looked for windows and other lighting opportunities to better capture a scene!
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