Understanding Light Placement with Multiple Actors: Semi Pro

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  13 Minutes of Instructional Video, lighting, camera schematics and a glossary of terms for better learningSUPPLIED W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This lesson is Part 4 of a 6 Part series that is Blocking & Lighting from A to Z.  It takes you through my thought process on how to block a scene with the script, creating Key frames that then become the foundation for your blocking with the actors on the DAY.  Every nuance of being on set and over my shoulder as shot lists are created, blocking is finessed, lighting is perfected is revealed.

Lighting multiple actors can be a daunting task.  Keeping contrast in a room or space is Paramount.  But how do you do that when you have 6 plus characters?  In this lesson I reveal where and how to place your lights when lighting multiple actors.  How to light an area not MARKS.  This lesson pulls back the curtain for you to deliver a cinematic look.

  • Understanding that placing the light on the opposite side of the camera is paramount
  • How to light a wide shot
  • What to do when you go in for the Close Ups and how I alter the light
  • What types of diffusion I use
  • Where the lights are placed for speed
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ahmed.salem555 1 days ago

Hello Shane , thanks for this informative lighting lesson, using schematic diagrams is very straightforward in explaining, kindly keep doing this in next lessons

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    Today

      @ahmed.salem555 Hi Ahmed, Great to have you back my friend. Missed your amazing comments. More coming and will do. Thank you for your kind words

dortyshorts 9 days ago

Hey Shane, this whole course was amazing. Thanks for the wisdom.

    • dortyshorts    9 days ago

      @dortyshorts I did have some questions for you... First where do you buy the R-30 75 Watt spot globes? I've been googling and don't seem to be finding any.

    • dortyshorts    9 days ago

      @dortyshorts @kennedam said he found a link or saw a video about how to build the batten lights. I feel silly, but I can't find the video in the lesson. Can you point me in the right direction?

    • dortyshorts    9 days ago

      @dortyshorts Last two questions: What color temp are the R-30 75 Watt spot globes? 3200 or 2700k? My final question is what dimmer board do you use to control them all? Thank you so much for any help with these questions. I really appreciate it and can't wait to build out my batten lights.

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    8 days ago

      @dortyshorts Hi Dorty, Glad you are loving it, yes we have put a ton of work into our new content. We have amazing team. The R-30's are 85 watt and not 75 watt, these globes are not made anymore, I bought 10,000 of them 4 years ago and that was some vendor in Canada. I do not teach you how to build a batten light, I supply many pictures, but no instructions. I use variac's to dim them or put it onto a Strand CD-80 2.4Kw Dimmer Pack I usually dim them down to around 35 to 50% and they are around 2100

    • dortyshorts    29 days ago

      @dortyshorts Thanks for the reply Shane! Very helpful info.

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    29 days ago

      @dortyshorts Hi Dorty, you are very welcome my friend. Stay safe

stuartjaymes 17 days ago

Hi Shane – Fantastic tuition and I am loving these lessons. Perhaps I have misunderstood but in the footage from ‘The Babysitter’ at 12:10, isn’t your key light from the same side as the camera? Just wondering what the creative reasoning was behind this?

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    14 days ago

      @stuartjaymes Our actress looks best lit from the right side, so when we are building her hotness early on I wanted to key her from her most attractive side then switch it up once the world goes DARK!!

kennedam 3 days ago

Thanks again Shane for another great video. Do you have a link to the batten lights you used or something similar. I’m having a hard time trying to find a place that either sells or rents them. Thanks!

    • kennedam    2 days ago

      @kennedam NVM. Just saw the last video and found out they are built from hand.

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    2 days ago

      @kennedam Hi Kennedam, Yes they are all handmade and very easy to build.

    • dortyshorts    9 days ago

      @kennedam Hi, @kennedam where is the "last" video? Do you mean the video from the prior lesson?

lukaskalinowski 30 days ago

Thanks Shane for this is incredible useful! Does batten lights produces multi shadows (if yes how do you cope with that )? Thanks!

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    29 days ago

      @lukaskalinowski Hi Lukas, You are so welcome my friend, no double shadows at all, because the bulbs are so close together, they give you one shadow as a single line of light.

luissalaslobo 1 days ago

One of the best lessons, great stuff, really made allot of things clear. Thanks!

Jontomknuff 4 days ago

I am making batten lights at home depot and I’m wondering if I should use those big indoor LED spot lights with high CRI or go for the brightest regular type spot bulbs with the narrowest beam angle(not flood angle). I am willing to pay extra for LED with higher CRI so that they don’t get hot…. but if you think I should just go with regular spot bulbs and not take the risk I’ll just go that route. Do you have a specific bulb you can recommend? Thanks Shane! I’m learning an insane amount of stuff from you and it’s greatly appreciated.

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    Today

      @Jontomknuff Hi Jon, Nice, so glad you are getting dirty in there with building. I would try to find R-30 75 Watt spot globes, they are difficult to find but have a go at it, if not I would try the frosted sealed beam spot globes that are for outdoor lights

leon 23 days ago

Shane this has to be one of your best series’ so far. It’s filling in so many gaps. Thank you!