Commercial Directing: Ways to Optimize Efficiency

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  13 Minutes of  Key Instructional Video from Shane Hurlbut ASC, Detailed Written Breakdown Of Treatment And Storyboard, Lighting and Camera Lists. ENGLISH SUBTITLES INCLUDED

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Shane Hurlbut ASC will take you through the essential ways to build a treatment that will seriously impress every client, pitching a location, scouting a location and designing a presentation!

  • Shooting the spot
  • Creating and sticking to a plan
  • Building “the bible”
  • Controlling the sun
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champ5mic 22 days ago

Teamwork makes the dream work. I love it!

ctdonoho 19 days ago

Were you given absolute control over the schedule as far as shot order, since you wanted to keep everything backlit?

    • shanehurlbutasc    19 days ago

      @ctdonoho Yes, but the director was totally on board as long as it started with the performance. This is something he wanted in the bag early on, set the tone, get the agency and client to agree on his direction then knock it out

    • ctdonoho    19 days ago

      @ctdonoho Got it. Had they not been quite on board, would you simply use 18Ks and 20x20's to block out sun and keep it backlit all the same?

    • shanehurlbutasc    19 days ago

      @ctdonoho That is what I did when the sun got to high and was going to go behind the trees, but we got it just in time. They nailed the performance but the big guns always need to be standing by. If not you wont be invited back.