Lighting Cans and Bottles: Coors Light Pt 7

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  10:10 Minutes of Instructional Video, lighting, camera schematics and a glossary of terms for better learning-SUPPLIED W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Commercial Cinematography is very different than Narrative.  A shot can be designed for 4-10 minutes, but in a commercials you have 15 to 30 seconds to convey your story, your message, your style and your attention grabbing imagery.  This lesson is Part 7 in a 7 Part series on Commercial Cinematography on what it takes to stay on schedule, on budget, light product, cans, bottles and liquid and deliver the 2 seconds of brilliance per shot.

This lesson 7 Part series that takes you on a journey from the director’s treatment, to the location scouts, to production meetings, to tech scouts, figuring out logistics all the way to the finished commercial.  Every nuances is discussed in detail, 4 shoot days in 6 different locations finishing with product photography on stage.

Have you ever wondered how you light Beer Cans.  This lesson is about teaching you the idiosyncrasy of product photography. The subtle nuances, the accent lighting, the LINERSWHAT is That?  Get in there and learn how to light Beer Cans.

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ryanfreng 24 days ago

What a beautiful bottle! Was there something that made you choose to bounce the leko into the soft gold card instead of having the leko or another light just be below and behind the bottle directly firing into the bottle with some diff?

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    18 days ago

      @ryanfreng Hi Ryan, By bouncing it into the gold card, it takes the color of that card and gold is a hard color to match with a light, it tends to have too much red in it. So by using the Gold card, we bring out the best color in the beer

Daniel Steiner 29 days ago

Hey Shane, why exactly do you use batten lights to bounce in the overhead frame? We don’t have this kind of lamps in Europe, so could I use a 2k or 5k fresnel as well? greets

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    27 days ago

      @Daniel Steiner HI Daniel Steiner, Yes of course, I used it because it was there and had the warm color temp I was looking for to bring out the color tone in the beer, but absolutely, you could use a 2K or 5K with 1/2 CTS on it for sure.