How to Prep a Commercial: Trane Pt 1

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  14 Minutes of Instructional Video, Shot Lists, Storyboards, Director’s Treatment, Equipment Breakdowns, Schedules and Agency Boards    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This lesson is Part 1 of a 2 Part Series on Commercial Cinematography.  The Trane Commercials are considered to be some of the more electrifying spots created in the last decade. With digital capturing technology advancing and becoming smaller in size, it was easy to see that the Canon 5D MKII & MKIII were the right cameras to capture the high-octane stunts performed for the final product.

In this Lesson Shane Hurlbut, ASC and his team take you through the process of setting up the right shots for your story and Shane takes you through his thought process behind picking the right camera for the job. You will learn how important it is to improvise and not be afraid to take some risks!

  • How to choose the right camera for the job
  • Setting up shots intensifying speed
  • Covering your bases for possible shot scenarios
  • Where to rig your crash cams
  • About the magic of CGI and reality of stunts
  • What mobile devices did we use to immerse you in the action
  • What workflow was needed to pull this off


<<<Robert B>>> AMAZING! I always wrote down my image ideas in sequence and detail, but this shows me the playbook (I’ve never seen a director’s treatment and how it’s all integrated with storyboard, script, marketing push). So yes. I’m incredibly grateful for the detail shared! Your advise on pre-production planning is also noted. Showing to my son who just landed a full-time agency job. Guaranteed he’ll benefit from this lesson.
<<<Antonio A>>> Shane, I love this lesson!
<<<Tim R>>> This is such a great lesson. I love all the detail and insight. Keep up the good work.
<<<Orion M>>> This is such a great lesson. Seeing this type of treatment is extremely helpful in learning how to pitch and fund larger projects.
<<<Chris F>>> This is pure gold Shane. Thanks for letting us take a peek behind the pros curtain. Very informative, especially the treatment.
<<<Dan>>>Super excited for this series and to see some more content in the commercial word!
<<<Robert>>>I’m incredibly grateful for the detail shared!
<<<Jacob>>>This is a lesson that I love coming back to watch and read over and over. I love the break down of the treatment and how to visually show your creative ideas to a director or client.
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dislamedia 5 days ago

I love the principle of working for free, it shows you’re willing to go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. My question is how do you balance that While ensuring folks aren’t taking advantage of you because they’ll know you’ll do some free stuff for them? I’ll certainly be carrying these principals with me with every client!

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    3 days ago

      @dislamedia Hi dislamedia, you have to find that right balance and understand that you have the power of saying NO. I have done this with so many directors that the first thing they say is they offer it up to me and I they say that they know that I have given them so much in the past, that if this doesn't work for you it is all good. We have one of the best jobs on the planet. So, why not give and you will receive so much more in return.