How to Shoot a Day Exterior Commercial: US Cellular Pt 1

How Do You Light Day Exteriors For Commercials? Control the sunlight and bring in artificial light with 18Ks. Shane Hurlbut ASC takes you on set and shows you the secrets to lighting day exteriors.


INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  10 Minutes of Instructional Video, detailed written breakdown, side by side comparisons and schematicsSUPPLIED W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  How do you set yourself apart from all the other DP’s in your area?  You do it by working for FREE.  We all want to get paid for our services, but we also have to show a production company and a director how much you love your job and how much you will do to help both parties out.  In this Lesson Shane Hurlbut, ASC gives you his insight of 30 plus years as a DP and how he has formulated long lasting relationships with Production Companies and directors.  Shane takes you through his prep process that is unlike most.  Shane dives deep into how to control your day exterior environment to get the best performances, how to plan your shoot around the path of the SUN.  How to choose lenses, choose locations and how to emulate the sun, these are just the tip of the Iceberg.  Get in there.

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PaHug 16 days ago

Thanks for this Shane, very informative. Just a quick question though, how would you have lit this if it had of been completely overcast? I’m guessing that you would just ditch the over head and back light the talent with the 18k’s? I’m in Ireland and we have a lot of overcast days

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    26 days ago

      @PaHug Hi PaHug, I would have embraced the overcast and used the flyswatter as negative fill and make it really moody and scarier outside. So make the ratios for extreme then they would be on a normal overcast day which is very flat. I would bring the 20 x 20 flyswatter in black side down and bring it in really close to give them a downside.