C-Stands: Etiquette and Shaping Light Basics

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  14 Minutes of Instructional Video, In depth Written Breakdown, Top Down Lighting Schematics and Side by Side quality comparisons

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Shaping Light is an art.  It gives you contrast and three dimension.  One of a Cinematographer’s most powerful tools is light control.  This lesson is great for the Entry Level Filmmaker looking to tips their toes in understanding light control and how powerful this can be to enhance their work.  You will immediately feel more confident on set and see your creations change over night.  Do you know how to set a C-Stand, do you know how to set a low c-stand, do you know how to set toppers, siders and bottomers?  In this lesson you will learn all of this and more.


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