How to Extend Sunset For Hours: Into the Blue

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  7:30 Minutes of Movie clips to enhance instruction

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Sunset is such a fragile short amount of time to capture.  What if I could show you a way to extend it for hours.  In this lesson I take you through my thought process of how I do this.  Secrets revealed, color temps and matching the sun are vital to your success.

  • Preparing your team for this small window of opportunity
  • What lights do you need in your arsenal to pull this off
  • What cameras and lenses do you need to pull this off
  • Logistics to unite your team and how quickly they will have to move
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Rick Guile 1 days ago

Hey Shane, really great insight on underwater cinematography and the tests leading up to choosing film. I too have a PADI certification and have done a bit of diving – just curious if you needed to use any red filters with the camera rig to account for the blueish green shift underwater? Best, Rick

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    Today

      @Rick Guile Hi Rick, We did not use the Red filters. We wanted to educate the audience what deep meant. So above 25 ft, which is the line where you loose RED/YELLOW light from the sun, this showed that our team was above 25ft. When they went below it, we embraced the cyan skin tones and the deep blue, this was to educate our audience that they are going very deep. So we used the Red level 25' as a audience educator. Using color to inform your audience was crucial in our storytelling process