One of the most powerful features of the Hurlbut Academy is its interactivity.  You are connected directly to Shane Hurlbut, ASC, AMPAS.  He is here to answer your questions in podcasts that you can find throughout the site for FREE.  It is his commitment and our commitment at the Academy to invest in your future, to guide, mentor and inspire you to shoot for the stars with the foundation of this conservatory style learning that will JET SET you ahead of the Pack.

Please submit your questions in the comments section and if a question is TIME SENSITIVE please mark it as such.  This happens a lot where members have shoots coming up and are looking for questions answered in a timely manner to help them.  We will do our best to filter through these requests which will be subject to Shane’s shooting schedule.

BennyMigs 28 days ago

Hi Shane. I have ben a full time still photographer for 16 years and started dipping my feet in to filmmaking when the SLR revolution happened. I do mostly B2B social media branding videos but I have always had a love for music and wanted to make music videos. I have 4 of them under my belt now and my 5th this week. The first 3 I shot, produced, edited and wrote myself. I quickly learned that a small crew is the way to go. The last one I teamed up with an Academy member as a DP and I directed it. So I know we talk about feature films a-lot and I think thats great. But I know you got your start on music videos and was wondering if you had any tips to get on set of a music video with a real budget. I would take any job role. I love the Keith Urban series you have and would love if you did more music video lessons. I am in NY also if that helps at all? Thanks again for the help.