HA Podcast: Ep 53- Be Prepared

Jimross 14 days ago

Thanks for answering my question. I guess I could also continue to build the crew I use so that if some are not available if the day changes I can call on others if some of my original crew can’t make it. But I think I see the major consideration is – getting your crew to understand that “if you won’t be flexible there are 10 people who are and who wanting to take your place” – not meaning to sound cruel but that is reality so you better realize that and work with it because that is reality to the client.

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    • shanehurlbutasc    13 days ago

      @Jimross Hi Jimross, You are exactly right, that is what Lydia and I wanted to convey.

    • Jimross    10 days ago

      @Jimross You're right! I should have said "But I think I see that YOUR suggestion that the major consideration is -" LOL! I got it. Thanks buddy! And than YOU Lydia!

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