How to Set Up Your Focus Monitor: Camera Assistant Series

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  12 Minutes of Instructional Video and In-Depth Written Breakdown-SUPPLIED W/ENGLISH SUBTITLES 

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This lesson is all about setting up your focus monitor.  Back in the day, we never pulled focus off of monitors, film’s depth of field was much more forgiving.  With these new Digital cameras you have to turn to a monitor to focus.  Derek Edwards, my Focus Puller of 25 plus years will break it down for you.  Giving you his secrets as well as just plain great advice

  • What settings do you use on your focus monitor
  • What different settings do you have for wide shots
  • What different settings do you have for tight shots
  • What colors do you use for Peaking and WHY
  • What does your monitor TREE look like
  • What small kit items can you buy to make yourself faster and more efficient


<<<Myles S>>> This way really great. Thank you Derek and SIC team!
<<<Elisha R>>> That was great Derek. I can use this knowledge also when I’m shooting basketball and football games.
<<<Dominic E>>> Thank you very much! I love how chill you approach all of this. It must be a pleasure to work with you on set!