1000 Watt 407 Fresnel Light

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  7 minutes of video instruction

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This lesson is designed for the Entry Level filmmaker who is looking to get his or her feet wet in all the different types of lights used in the film industry.  You will immediately attain more confidence on set and quickly give you the short hand to communicate with crew.

  • Understanding the output and quality of the 1000 Watt 407 Mole Richardson Baby Solar spot.
    • What your output is when it is used as a Hard Light source
    • What your output is when you bounce the light into a white card
    • How sharp a shadow this light can deliver on set
  • A full light study with many types of lights for you to understand each ones unique aspects

ali 11 days ago

what is the CRI ?

Roberto 14 days ago

thanks for the classes, exciting, I had a question, the value of the light meter, I guess the angle 180 * but what is the camera’s iso?