Labeling Cables

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  8 Minutes of Instructional Video    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This lesson is for the Set Electrician in training.  Shane Hurlbut, ASC, takes you through the basics of on set power distribution and the tools used in the professional world. In this lesson Shane breaks down how to Label you cables two ways, with colored tape or the Knot system.  Each has its own etiquette and protocols that go along with it.  Immediately you will feel confident on set and be able to throw yourself in there.


<<<Jim R>>> THANK YOU! More awesome “pro” level stuff you won’t find anywhere else and certainly not on Youtube. EXACTLY why I am an member, Shane! I have been a member for a couple years now and this is the stuff that keeps me here! Timing is perfect as I just partnered with a fellow with a truck full of cable, lunchboxes, distros, threefers, suicides, (and other things I still don’t know the names for, LOL!) and this will help get me up to speed as I work with my gaffer. Will there be more coming in this series, sir?
<<<Tim S>>> So invaluable! I can’t tell you the confidence this subscription has given me. It’s so empowering!!! Thank you!!!
<<<Elisha R>>> For some reason this is the best of all. Because if nothing is powered up then you can’t get Hollywood standard production value exposures. Thanks Shane,can’t wait for part 2 to see how you meter the lines and connect to the source.
<<<Olly B>>> Thank you for the knowledge Shane!
<<<John S>>> I spent 20 years doing live events (theater, concerts, corporate, etc) and was thinking EXACTLY the same thing!
<<<Peter D>>> Great stuff Shane! Love it.
<<<Leslie G>>>So much great information and helpful tips!!!
<<<Randy N:>>>Wow, Maybe I should get rid of my leatherman…
<<<Jay A>>>Shane, thank you sir safety safety safety. The G/E stuff really needs to be taught on set and you don’t go too far but just far enough to keep people alive first and helpful on set. Massive respect man.
<<<Nate>>>Hi Shane, thank you so much for this. This definitely gives me more confidence on set and it’s great as a DP to be able to communicate and help out the grip department on smaller shoots.
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Jordanschulzdp Today

Hi Shane! This could be a dumb question but I just have to ask… The power source you have depicted @ 00:13 (Breaker Box), was that used just as an example for the lesson or is it actually a viable source of power? From my understanding, home breaker boxes don’t usually offer this kind of amperage, unless the location was retrofitted with camlock outputs.

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    28 days ago

      @Jordanschulzdp HI Jordan, I had an electrician tie in bare ends to Camlok and that box had 200 amps a leg because of the size of the property. Here is a link to a picture of the bare ends.