Portable Generators

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  25 Minutes of Instructional Video

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Portable generators are a crucial tool for any size production. In this Lesson, Shane Hurlbut, ASC and his gaffer, Eric Forand, walk you through how to best utilize the various generator sizes for a multitude of on-set applications. Learn about generator setup, operation, transportation, and each size’s strength and weakness. This in depth analysis from Shane and Eric will prep you to be able to confidently power your set with portable generators.

  • How to work with small, on set generators
  • The different uses for each size generator
  • The capacity of each generator
  • Which lights you can power with each generator
  • How to overload a generator
  • How different conditions affect generator efficiency and performance
  • The best settings for running your generator
  • How to meter the generator output
  • How to take advantage of power on set
  • The proper method of transporting a generator
  • How Shane and his crew utilized portable generators on Terminator Salvation, Fathers & Daughters and Need for Speed


<<<Logan B>>>This was a great Lesson. I hope we get more of these electricity/grip fundamental tutorials. Thanks.
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ctdonoho 18 days ago

What generators do you use to power an 18K?

fwilkerson 24 days ago

When using a generator for an HMI and the light flickers on and off due to flucuations, does that damage the HMI at all? My understanding is that with HMI’s you have to wait before you power them back on after they are turned off. Is this because it damages the light if you don’t wait or is it for some other reason?

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    23 days ago

      @fwilkerson HI, Fwilkerson, One thing you want to do is take your generator off of Eco mode. This will stop any fluctuation with your HMI, make sure that your genny has at least a 1.5k reserve or it will struggle to strike and keep the light burning. HMI's above an M40 have hot re-strike issues because of the heat of the globe. It does not damage the globe.e.