How To Use Color Contrast with New Digital Cameras

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  3 Minutes of Movie clips to enhance instruction

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Have you ever wondered why your image looks kind of flat or not cinematic? This lesson is all about what is required to deliver that Cinematic Look to your imagery and the thought process behind it.  Color contrast?  What is that?  It is the subtle use of different colors to create visual depth and dimension.  I dive deep into how I do this on many of my motion pictures so that you can immediately put this into practice.

  • What Color correction gels can be used in subtle ways to create color contrast with digital sensors.
  • How to use a color temp meter, watch the sunrise, and see what your Kelvin does. Then do the same at sunset. Notice your green levels as well.
  • WHY I prefer Rosco’s CTS warming gel 
  • My interpretation of what Sunrise and Sunset feels like
  • What Tools are required to create color contrast
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Amr Nazeer 11 days ago

Hello Shane, in the two examples of “The Greatest Game Ever Played” early morning and late afternoon – are you using HMI lights?

    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    6 days ago

      @Amr Nazeer Hi Amr, yes I am because this is a practical location. So I need to embrace the Daylight outside as a source and match it with HMI's then just add the CTS to make it feel early morning and or late afternoon