How To Light For High Key Commercials: Grrreat Lighting and Color Temperatures Pt 2

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  13 Minutes of Instructional Video, Detailed Written Breakdown, Lighting Schematics, and Side by Side Comparison for better instruction. ENGLISH SUBTITLES INCLUDED

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Shane Hurlbut ASC will take you ON SET and blow you away with techniques for lighting high key commercials. Want to know how to get that beautiful morning look for a breakfast cereal commercial? Look no further.

  • CTO vs CTS
  • Color measurements and matching
  • Using Rosco 1/2 grid and Matthbounces effectively.
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Jamun 17 days ago

Hi Shane, Great work in these lessons. Very detailed and informative. I had one question, why did you keep the DMG lumiere that you placed inside at 5600 and if the bounces that you created outside were also of 5600?

Jamun 17 days ago

Hi Shane