How To Light For High Key Commercials: Lucky Scrims-Pt. 3

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  14 Minutes of Instructional Video, Detailed Written Breakdown, Lighting Schematics, and Side by Side Comparison for better instruction. ENGLISH SUBTITLES INCLUDED

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Shane Hurlbut ASC will take you ON SET and blow you away with techniques for lighting high key commercials. Want to know how to get that beautiful morning look for a breakfast cereal commercial? Look no further.

  • Using HDRX
  • Using Rosco Scrim to control light
  • Creating layers on screen.

paulk 17 days ago

Shane, was this shot at your house? Or a homeowner that’s a fan of your work? 🙂 I noticed the two movie posters! (Greatest Game Ever Played & Semi-Pro). Nice!!

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    • Shane Hurlbut    16 days ago

      @paulk Hi Paulk, HA HA, that was our office. We rented it for 2 years to shoot our content for the Hurlbut Academy. Now we moved out and our in a office/creative space in Sherman Oaks, CA. Thanks for noticing

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