How to Light Horror: Preparing for Panic – Pt. 4

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  13 Minutes of Instructional Video, Detailed Written Breakdown, Lighting Schematics, and Side by Side Comparison for better instruction. ENGLISH SUBTITLES INCLUDED

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  Daytime is the toughest time to try to and light for horror. Here Shane Hurlbut ASC show you the keys to how to do it:

  • Using Underexposure and Overexposure.
  • Measuring Room Tone
  • Exploring Ratios in Lighting scenes.

ahmed.salem555 4 days ago

Dear Shane , very nice Staff , waiting for new course about night horror , just i have question when you were reading the exposure you pointed it towards the newspaper instead of reading Eli face

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    • Shane Hurlbut, ASC    Today

      @ahmed.salem555 Hi ahmed.salem555, Yes, I pointed it towards the newspaper because this is the light level I wanted to read, the value of the 4K Fresnel bouncing off of the newspaper that was now illuminating her face.

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