Part 3 The Build

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 6 minutes of instructional video with Shane Hurlbut ASC starting to assemble the build for the Swing Vote shoot. Detailed written breakdown, where to place your first lights, properly communicating with the crew, how to assemble the dolly, and set the track. 

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN: This lesson places you directly into production where you learn how to build the dolly track and start placing and mounting lights. So far, we have successfully covered our Swing Vote source material and identified what details we will keep and what adjustments we have made in previous lessons. Here’s where we put it all to the test — placing lights interior and exterior to represent the feeling of after 1 A.M. and discovering how to work with the art department to create a setting that feels both realistic to your location and your character. ENGLISH SUBTITLES INCLUDED.

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