Part 4 Dialing in the Light

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 9 minutes of instructional video with Shane Hurlbut ASC dialing in the lighting for the Swing Vote night interiors 360-dolly scene. Detailed written breakdown, dialing in the lighting setup, properly placing the key light, finessing the dolly setup, and top-down dolly quadrants diagram. 


This lesson is all about learning how to continue from your build to dial in the shot for perfection! You will learn the varying types of rotating dolly offsets and how to handle your dolly to deliver the shot you want. With our 360-degree dolly motion, you will discover how to split up your rotation into four separate quadrants to best light for a night interior. Then, you will see how to enhance the shot by adding room tone, making adjustments to lights, and tweaking the shot until it’s ready. 

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