Part 5 The Details

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 14 minutes of instructional video with Shane Hurlbut ASC finalizing the setup for the Swing Vote night interiors 360-dolly scene. Detailed written breakdown, finessing the final details, dialing in the accent lights, practicing the dolly move, and top-down dolly quadrants diagram.


In this lesson, we examine the shot to see where it’s excelling and where it needs more attention and pick up where we left off in the last lesson to prepare the shot for action. We conduct a side-by-side comparison with our Swing Vote source material as we make adjustments to our lights and ensure that we have interesting motivating lighting in each of our four quadrants. You will specifically learn how to deconstruct the shot for night interiors and light using authentic motivations. Plus, we highlight key tools for diffusion to enhance your lighting. ENGLISH SUBTITLES INCLUDED. 

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