How To Shoot A Music Video: Part 1

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON: 17 Minutes of Instructional Video, In-Depth Written Breakdown, Behind-the-Scene Stills, and Equipment Breakdown List    –Supplied w/English Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This lesson is Part 1 of a 2 Part series on how to shoot a music video. Where we discuss not only the tools you need but also how to organize and deliver each COVER SET. Cover Set, WHAT IS A COVER SET?

I have shot over 500 music videos in my career as a cinematographer. Each one is a unique experience but their are rules to them, even though this medium is all about breaking the rules, being experimental and sticking it to the man. HAHA.  I was crazy when I shot music videos with experimentation, Christ I processed the super 8mm footage on a Smashing Pumpkins Video in my own bathtub. Then I dragged it down my driveway.  Get in there and see what it takes

  • Understanding what it takes to shoot a music video.
  • The importance of coverage for the final edit.
  • How focal lengths can affect the expression of each shot.
  • The tools necessary to get the job done.
  • How to stay organized on the day and keeping the crew up to speed.
  • How to shoot a music video in natural light and maintaining constancy.
  • Understanding the steps to work with musicians and showcasing each of their talents.
  • Figuring out what the director needs for the final edit.
  • The importance of conveying a sense of story in a music video.
  • How to bend the rules and what to get away with in a music video.
  • How to achieve the coverage you need in a short amount of time.


<<<Derek D>>> I’ve spent 20 years as a DP coming up from the documentary and journalism world (CNN/Aljazeera) and then spent a year making content for United Airlines and am now an Executive Director making content for major Fortune 500 brands….I have to say what you provide here Shane is knowledge you just can’t get anywhere else. I think anyone wanting to get into this business needs to become an Inner Circle Member. For such a low cost they get teaching lessons that took me a lifetime to learn. The Inner Circle is such an amazing source of inspiration, creativity and knowledge that everyone can take and make themselves and their work so much better. Keep it up brother!-Derek
<<<Oscar D>>> Awesome stuff Shane! We just filmed a music video with a solo artist. I struggled finding new ways to shoot the artist. This “On Set Series” opened up my mind on how to be more creative. Thank you! Keep on rolling them out Shane, thanks!
<<<James H>>> Easily the best advice for music videos I’ve ever received. Perhaps paying for it is that reason. I’ve gone on the (free) sites of any top music video director you can name and it’s ineffective. Most of the advice seems to repeat itself (perhaps ramp speed and transitions will be covered but I’m glad they weren’t the initial topics Shane wanted to discuss). This lesson showed us the set ups and explained in detail why you would whichever set up you have at your disposal. Well and they say you get what you pay for!
<<<Jeff Thomas>>> Love everything you guys do! Thanks for all the valuable knowledge Shane! I’ll be a customer for life.
<<<James B>>>Nice! I love learning about things like cover sets.
<<<Jean-Phillip>>>Music videos are always my passion projects so thank you so much for this!! Loved it!
<<<Kenneth G>>>Love the detail in this video. Thanks for sharing! Great video and great song! I felt that tug of emotion when that flag unfurls at the end.
<<<Delali>>>Great piece as always Shane. Can’t wait to see the other parts.
<<<Scott P>>>Wonderful stuff. Shane, a hell of a video for 50K! Thanks for the road map; I shoot a fair amount of band stuff and some of this I’ve intuited (like, do a pass focused on each band member) but I hadn’t thought of juxtaposing the wide shots and the macros. “Cover set” is a massively useful concept.
<<<Oneal J>>>I really enjoy this, can’t wait for part two.
<<<Joseph C>>>This on set series was great and I look forward to part II.
<<<Gil F>>>This was really informative and nicely done.
<<<Jacopo R>>>Great, great video!
<<<Derek Jeff T>>>Love everything you guys do! Thanks for all the valuable knowledge Shane! I’ll be a customer for life.
<<<Philip J>>>Brilliant! Magical stuff!