Bounce Light: Mastering Light Quality and Theory

INCLUDED IN THIS LESSON:  24 Minutes of Instructional Video, In depth Written Breakdown, Top Down Lighting Schematics and Side by Side quality comparisons    –Supplied w/Subtitles

IN THIS LESSON YOU WILL LEARN:  This is Part 1 of a 6 Part Series on Bounce light, where we go into 22 different bounce materials.  We show side by sides so you can really see the color difference and the quality difference of each one.  Have you ever used Bleached Muslin or Grifflon as a bounce source?  Have you ever compared the quality of Foam core to Bead board?  Welcome to the Hurlbut Academy where we do the tests that no one ever has time for and we do it so you can perfect your craft.  What is Bounce Light?  Why does it seem to be so popular in Cinema Lighting?  In this lesson I break down bounce theory, the differences between reflective materials, what quality are you looking for as well as side by side comparisons so you can really see the difference.  You can immediately put these technique into practice and take your lighting to a whole other level.

  • Circle Bounce vs. Square Bounce
  • The quality of light that a bounce emits.
  • The different types of bounces that are out there.
  • How to customize your bead board bounce for your applications.
  • The different cuts of bounces out there.
  • The theory and execution behind the bounce.